I’m over 25 and the last time I drove was about 10 years ago and it was only on country like roads, always light traffic or no traffic. No roundabouts & traffic lights. No lane changes. When I moved to Sydney, I never thought about driving as public transport was very close & convenient.
Then I realised I now need to learn for personal related reasons. I was a very nervous driver; I always had butterflies in my stomach. I searched the web & called driving schools & I ended up making a booking with learn p. I was motivated by the pass rate & my over the phone consultation. I told the instructor about my driving history which was very small. So I was basically classified as a beginner driver. The instructor told me he could help me become a safe driver. My first lesson, I learnt the basics. All my weak points were identified during the course of my lessons, then strengthened through repetition. I was told of the things I did wrong, then I was taught the correct way to do it. The more lessons I had my confidence on the road increased. I no longer feel the nervous butterflies as much as I did. They disappear once I’m in my driving rhythm. The instructor is very professional, patient, knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly and genuinely cares not only about helping pass the driving test, but also cares about being safe on the road, looking out for your well-being and pedestrians, hazards afterwards.

I’m very excited as I did my driving test today for the very first time. I was surprisingly quite confident & not very nervous at all. The instructor kept asking me before my lesson, “do you have any questions?” I replied “no, I’m ready to do the test”.  Although when I was at the rta after my driving test, I waited nervously for my results, & when I heard I had passed, I was over the moon excited.

I would definitely recommend you. You’re a great instructor.

Thank you so much Larnpdriving school


I would like to say a massive thank you for not only helping me pass my Ps test but also giving me the skills I needed to become a better driver in such a short span of time. Prior to these lessons, I thought I was fairly decent driver but within a single lesson I came to realise all the mistakes I was making. After failing my Ps several times, my confidence was shattered, however through great support and reassurance from my driving instructor, I was able to pull through successfully, passing at Lidcombe RTA.

From previous instructors, I was used to being told exactly what to do constantly, but Learn P Drive really gave me the space to make my own decisions on the road and act independently so as to prepare for reality when I’ll need to rely on my own judgements when driving. Moreover, the driving instructor was fantastic; easy to talk to and dedicated.

Thank you once again for all the guidance and support, and I would strongly recommend this driving school to anyone looking for high quality teaching at a very reasonable price.

Roshani SinghRegents Park

Returning to driving after a break of over 20 years, Sydney driving environment was much busier, more aggressive and quite intimidating. Learn P Driving not only guided me through the rigors of the practical test, but also taught me practical skills and strategies for staying safe and being confident on Sydney roads. I thoroughly recommend Learn P Driving if you want to become a safe, responsible and confident driver. I also passed my test first go!

Robert DaleyCampsie

I’m so grateful to have passed my P’s test with 90+% first go, thanks to the wonderful guidance from Learn P Driving. His honest, efficient, and safety (not just “passing”) focused lessons has provided me with the invaluable skills needed to be a safe, defensive lifelong driver. I would highly recommend Learn P Driving to anyone that’d like to increase their chances of passing first go, but more importantly, become a defensive driver for the rest of their lives. Outstanding !

Leilani Bankstown

Thanks so much for helping me pass my P’s test, I really over estimated how ready I was, there were so many small details that I had no idea about. Without you’re help I would of failed for sure, your advice and knowledge gave me the confidence i needed to pass my P’s test with ease. I will recommend you to any else i know that is going for their P’s test.


I would like to express a massive thank you to my driving instructor at Learn P Drive.

Before I joined Learn P Drive driving school I hadn’t been driving regularly for a really long time. I was lac…king in confidence and knew I needed to get back on the road and get my P’s!

For five weeks leading up to my P’s test, I took weekly lessons with my instructor. He told me to book the test and gave me a goal to work towards. I’d had lessons with previous instructors, but he was by far the most thorough, and created a really relaxed and friendly environment for me to learn in from the get-go.
Every lesson, my instructor would observe and establish specific areas that I needed to work on, taught me an improved method and continued reinforcing this practical knowledge until I had mastered it myself. I was provided with all of the knowledge I was previously lacking in and my instructor made sure he’d covered every basis before I went for the test. His ability to explain, demonstrate then allow you to put into use, was always clear and detailed, made me a much stronger driver, and left me feeling confident!

My instructor explained to me that every task that is undertaken, must be executed 100 percent and that Learn P Drive’s students are not simply taught how to be good enough to pass the test, but taught how to be a safe and confident when driving and how to make wise decisions when on the road. This philosophy was made clear through my lessons, and particularly through their student’s success rate, including mine! I passed my test the first time!
If you want to become a confident, knowledgeable and safe driver, I strongly suggest Learn P Drive.

Jo Ryde

Passed in Lidcombe RTA

My experience with learnpdrive was fantastic. My driving instructor was friendly and obviously had a lot of experience. Unlike other driving instructors I had used who would just teach you the tricks needed to pass the driving test, he was focused on making me a safer driver on the road. I would definitely recommend learnpdrive to my friends. Thank you for helping me pass my driving test on my first attempt!

Jeni Lidcombe

Before I came to learnpdrive for lessons, I had many hours of driving experience but no confidence on the road. I struggled with roundabouts and my decision making and control of the car was still sub par. I hated driving and my Ls were about to expire. I knew I had to give it one more go or I would give up completely. I got a 10 lesson package with learnpdrive and noticed a huge difference in my driving by 3 lessons. The instructor taught me the safest and simplest ways to approach roundabouts, intersections and safe driving techniques I will use for life. Soon after my lessons with learnpdrive i went for my Ps at ryde RTA and got them first go!! I actually enjoy driving now and feel safe and in control. Learnpdrive teach you valuable driving skills for life, not just the test!


I would like to gratefully thank Learn P drive for their very precise and structured driving lessons which allowed me to clear the unrestricted license drivers test in the first attempt itself after taking just 2 lessons. Driving Instructor,who works on you for not just passing the test but getting a  full 100 % score and that is what made the difference in my case. Instructor  is a very methodical instructor who works more on the technique by giving constant feedback and correcting minute mistakes. He makes sure you are not nervous and confidently get every manoevre  right in the driving test. He is very patient and calm headed and does not mind practicing the same move again until you get it right . I am glad to have taken lessons from him and has made me a much better and safe driver today. I wish  Learn P driving school  all the very best for their future.Keep up the good work!

Raj VitekarRyde

I would like to express my gratitude to my driving instructor,in assisting me to obtain my full driver’s licence at first go. Learnpdriving school instructor made the process so easy and took the time to find the best way to explain things to me which made my learning not only relevant but also enjoyable.After Couple of lessons with them I was able to obtain my licence.I believe that LearPDriving school  is an excellent school, instructor was amazingly calm, supportive and friendly – this helped the whole process a lot less stressful and gave the confidence to not only obtain my licence, but also to continue to drive Comfortably and safely. I was impelled to email and let you know of the great service received from LearPDriving. I will be recommending LearPDriving school  to others in the future.

K BhattParramatta

“I passed the knowledge test last year, and I contacted a driving instructor in the Chatswood area. I took 30 lessons with her, and while I obviously learnt something, I was not confident at all. She insisted on telling me all the time how badly I am driving that is all I heard from her. I was so focused on my hands that I simply didn’t feel in control of the car.

After 30 lessons, I didn’t see myself making any progress at all, and I couldn’t even think of taking the driving test. I decided that she was not the right instructor for me, and, as I had recently moved to the Ryde area, gave Learnpdrving a call. We met, and boy, what a difference.
He clearly showed that even though I had made some progress, I wasn’t ready at all. He focused on the main things that my previous instructor had neglected. After a few lessons with him, I could clearly see that I was making real progress. He is demanding, he wants you to become a good driver not thinking about your test and that was the way to go.

After a few lessons, I didn’t feel quite ready to take the test, but he told me I was and that I should give it a go. Before the test, on the same day, we went for a warm up lesson and I had to say that I was doing pretty badly. I wasn’t focused, I was nervous and I didn’t feel confident at all. In fact, I even considered skipping the test. But he felt that, he felt that my confidence wasn’t there and he tried hard to cheer me up. He told me that I had a 97% chance of passing, as this is his success rate. I took the test and I nailed it! (Ryde RTA) It was my best driving ever, and in less that half an hour I got my provisional driving licence.

I can tell you that he is a very professional guy. He knows driving, he knows how to teach and he has the right approach. Do not hesitate, give him a call. Not only you will pass the test, but he will make sure you focus on becoming a driver. And that is all that matters when you are on the road.”

By the way, one of these days you might see me on the road. If I can get all the paperwork done, I will get my car this week. A shiny Mazda CX5. Very excited!

Thanks again for your help, mate.


Before my first lesson with Learn P Driving School, I was very anxious and nervous about learning to drive. After each lesson I came back feeling more confident, and with new skills that were greatly improving my driving abilities. My instructor immediately corrected any mistakes I made or bad habits I had developed, and in a surprisingly short amount of time I felt confident and ready to sit the test. I passed on my first go at Ryde RTA, but most importantly, my lessons with Learn P Drive have made me a safe driver. I utilise the safe driving skills I have been taught every time I get into the car. Thank you Learn P Drive for all your help!

BrittanyWest Ryde

After 10 lessons with one of the big chain driving schools I was discouraged and ready to give up. Luckily my fiance found Learn P Drive, my experience couldn’t have been more different! Each lesson the instructor was focused on not only preparing me to pass the test but make me a safe driver. I was really impressed that he even took the time to talk to my fiance through the areas I needed to work on. With Learn P Drive I was able to pass my driving test on my first attempt at Ryde. I thoroughly recommend the Learn P Drive team. Thanks Learn P Drive, I couldn’t have passed without you!!!

V. MellaErmington

Thanks a lot to Learn P Driving School.

I have taken several lesson from Learn P Driving School and my driving instructor automatically corrected all my mistakes and explained exactly what I should do to pass the test and become a good and safe driver. I did my exam at Lidcombe RTA and passed with flying colours, achieved 105 out of 105 (100%), very happy with the lessons and thanks again to Learn P Driving School.

Rabieh El KadiGreenacre

I am indebted to ‘Learn P Drive’ for making me a safe and thorough driver. Expert Instructor, Professional advice, and personalised feedback ensures that not only are you qualified for the RTA tests but also driving in general.I passed my test in my very first attempt in RTA Lidcombe. I truly recommend ‘Learn P Drive’ for anyone who wishes to truly master the art of driving.

Arun PhilipNorth Strathfield

Choosing LearnPdrive to teach me to drive was a brilliant choice. I had lessons previously with one of the most well-known driving schools and felt that I was being taught the same thing every lesson but with LearnPDrive, I learnt new and important things daily.  A brilliant driving instructor; he was very calm, patient and thorough. I always felt I could ask any questions and was made to feel very comfortable. He was always very supportive and extremely keen for me to do well and didn’t let me book more lessons than he thought I actually needed. He’s lessons were excellent! Well-structured, very good fun but most of all you left each one feeling like you were one step closer to passing your test and being a driver. I don’t feel like one lesson or more importantly one cent was wasted on any of my lessons! I have a very busy working life and the flexibility of times available for lessons was fantastic! Most important of all, when I passed my test I knew that I was ready to drive on my own. I was not just taught to pass my test by Instructor but also to be a good and safe driver!  I have recommended him to all of my friends! Thank you for not only helping me to pass but making me a competent driver for the future.I passed my test at RTA Silverwater at first go.

Asra AkhgarTelopea

Both my husband and I (King and Joanna) are very grateful to driving instructor at LearnPDriving school for helping our both daughters (Alison and Elazabeth) to optain their P’s at the first attempt at RTA RYDE. Instructor also invited one of us with the Keys2drive FREE lesson (http://www.keys2drive.com.au/) after the third lesson which was very usefull. We were both very impressed with his emphasis on safe driving and being mindful of all parties on the road when driving.we strongly recommend LearnPDriving school to young prospective drivres wishing learn to drive

Thank you so much LearnPDriving school.

King and Joanna MiuEastwood

The driving skill I have obtained through my lessons at LearnPdrive with my instructor will stick me forever,and have made me a safe confident driver. I am very grateful for all the tips,techniques and skills that I have picked up from my driver instructor. The price is exceptionally reasonable for the high quality of professional lessons. Needless to say I passed in my first tes,(RTA Silverwater) all due to the determination and teaching skills of my driving instructor.Thanks you for all your help and patience! I have and will continue to recommend you to family and friends.


I am grateful for having lessons with Learnpdriving school. Instructor is a very patient and nice guy. The techniques he gives work well. I learn from him, parallel reverse parking, hill start, look over the shoulder, 3 points turning etc. All of these have tested in my driving test. I did it at Ryde RTA . People said ryde is hard, but I made it in one time. I would recommend “Learn P drive”. It worths what you paid. Within few hours, I learn most of the exam requirments. Without learnPdrive help, I would have not past the driving test.

The price he offer is good. Every new guy can have a first time discount. For second time, even it costs 50 bucks, it is still competible. I have googled “drving school ryde”. I would say Learn P drive is a very good one.

Thanks for letting me get my license in such a short time.

Gerry Carlingford

I want to thank Learn P Drive for assisting me in passing my first go at Lidcombe RTA. The instructor is very helpful, encouraging, patient and tailors the lessons to suit my weakness’ in driving. I was shocked to learn that the price for the lessons were very cheap and affordable, considering how much you learn in one lesson.  I’m very
happy with the results and would definitley recommend Learn P Drive to my friends and relatives. Getting your Red P’s is so nerve racking but with Learn P Drive they make it seem all a breeze.

Thank you once again Learn P Drive, I wouldn’t of gotten my Red P’s without your added advice/tips and support.

Ana Auburn

I had over 90 logged hours of driving and over 20 hours with a driving school in the Eastern Suburbs and I failed my driving test three times. Within one lesson with Learn P Drive my steering was better and my driving technique was improved. I was a more confident driver after a few weeks and passed my test on the next go at Lidcombe RTA. Thank you Learn P Drive for making me a safe driver.


Thank you for your guidance and being such a professional. Your extensive knowledge and techniques has transformed me into a confident driver. Not only was I able to pass the driving test the first attempt at lidcombe RTA, but more importantly you have made me a safe driver.


Friend told me about Learn P Drive, and I am so greatfull. Excellent Driving Instructor, and will help you pass on the FIRST go 🙂 I did 🙂 Bankstown RTA.

Thanks a heap.

Tayla Chester hill

Just wanted to say a few words in praise for LearnPDrive: Having ridden a motorcycle in Sydney for the last 7 years i finally decided it was past time to get a driving license. So after having a look around i found LearnPDrive, which was significantly cheaper then other schools and available in the Ryde area. Their expert instructor took just 4 hours to get rid of my years of bad driving habits, and with his patient and knowledgeable approach taught me all the skills to pass my P’s test on the first attempt at Ryde, including excellent knowledge of the routes that the RTA tests people on.  So i just wanted to say thank you, and that i would readily recommend LearnPDrive to anyone looking to learn how to drive properly.

Arkhip TCarlingford

Thanks alot for the guidance given by LearnPdrive instructor that helped me to pass the full license test in my first attempt. Have driven for around 5 years in other countries but it was tough task to drive in Australia ,  but the instructor assessed my skill in the first session and  helped me on the areas to improve and did only 3 hours with him within a week and successfully passed the full license test in Ryde RTA. Thanks alot to LearnPdrive and highly recommend the service.

Chamila FernandoLane Cove North

Before I started learning with Learn P Drive, I had driven over 70 hours on my L,s and was still having trouble steering! Within the first lesson my instructor fixed up my steering and gave other tips which greatly reduced the problems I was having with my driving. Learn P Drive was a great place to learn as instead of just focusing on passing the driving test, my instructor was committed to making me become a safe driver for life. Learn P Drive gave me confidence in my own driving ability and helped me learn to judge and handle many situations. Thankyou for helping me become the driver? Passed my test on the first go at RydeRTA 

Jacqui LuffGladesville

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH I just got my Ps first go at silverwater RTA thanks to all the techniques and encouragement from LearnPdrive.I strongly recommend this driving school as it is of high quality teaching and is a very reasonable price.

Jackie Auburn

When I completed my 120 hours of driving, I was able to drive, but I wasn’t a good driver. I knew that if I did my p test sooner or later, I knew it would be a guaranteed fail. My sister soon recommended me to this driving school. I called them up and in just a matter of time I began lessons with them. In just only 5 lessons, the driving instructor from LearnPDrive  was able to transform me to a good driver. I did my P test and I was able to pass in one go, thanks to him. I am really thankful for his excellent and friendly teaching. I definitely recommended him to anyone. Thanks for all your hard work in teaching me. I really appreciate it.

Austin YooBankstown

first lesson I had already learnt so much, everytime time I had a lesson there was always a constant improvement, the instructor is well dedicated not just to ensure a pass in your driving exam but also with high standard quality in teaching to ensure you become a professional driver.Test passed in Silverwater RTA.

Thank You Learnpdrive.


I have driving lessons and gained a lot of confidence since my first time in a car. Each time i have a lesson i feel more & more confident and feel a lot safer. i strongly recommend learnpdrive driving school to any one who wants to learn to drive.

Chris HudsonBass Hill

I couldn’t have done it without the skilled driving instructor from LearnPDrive,he was very professional and he polished all my bad driving habits.After only 3 lessons my confidence on the road become tremendous,the techniques he has taught me definitely made such a huge difference  in my driving skills. He made me understood the importance of being a safer driver. I got my red P’s at Lidcombe RTA on the first go.

Thanks to LearnPdriving.

Odette DGan Ashfield

Fantastic driving school! Very reasonable prices for a high quality driving instructor. After only three or four lessons I felt like a good, confident driver and passed my test first time! at Marrickville RTA. Good communication, useful tips and a high level of professionalism make this a first class driving school.Thanks for all your help Learnpdrive.

Xavier MckenzieCamperdown

First of all A BIG THANK U FOR HELPING ME ACHEIVE MY LICENSE.I am really thankful for all help from Learn P Drive and especially my instructor from LearnPDriving school .Since I came from Dubai I was more used to left hand drive but with his guidance and advice he taught me all the tricks on how to judge while driving and rules and increased my confidence and the best part was with his help and teaching I got my license in first go at Ryde RTA. Without his help I am sure it would not be a sucess. Thanks once again.


I recently obtained my license in first attempt at Bankstown RTA. This was primarily due to an excellent , patient, positive and knowledgeable driving instructor from LearnPDriving school. Driving instructor increased  my  confidence by improving my driving skills. I am extremely fortunate that I chose LearnPDriving school as my driving school, and  would sincerely recommend Learn P drive driving school to anyone who wants to obtain their license.”


I’m really thankful for all the help from Learn P Drive.  I previously learnt from another driving school for a bit and I failed my Driving Test.  It was too much money i lost in just a few weeks.  I went to browse on the internet for other driving schools and found Learn P Drive. I called them and I was determined to learn with them.  The price was very cheap and reasonable compared to other driving schools. More importantly, their teaching and driving tips were excellent.  Obviously, I then passed my next Driving Test atLidcombe RTA.  Thank you so much for your time. I will definitely be telling my friends and family to learn with you.

Gloria YooBankstown

After failing my driving test several times with other driving schools, i decided to spend one week practising with Learn P Drive . Thanks to the profiessionalism and useful tips, i was able to pass my driving test in my first go at Lidcombe RTA, thanks to Learn P Drive.  I highly recommend Learn P Drive to everyone.

Angela MaChesterhill

My instructor from Learn P Drive is one that had faith in my ability to be able to control the car at a reasonable speed. My local RTA has many “traps” where inexperienced drivers can easily fail in tests and my instructor was able to teach me, both theoretically and practically, the importance of controlling a car to avoid being caught up in these traps. It’s generally not easy to pass in the first go – I passed on the first go and as much as people say it’s up to the driver to show that they’re in control, without my lessons with my driving instructor, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take the test in the first place. Thank you, and I’d definitely recommend your dedication, trust and thank vyou for your constructive criticisms.

Rebecca JenkinsLidcombe

I took three classes 2 weeks prior my driving test. I was so impressed with my instructor from the very first time. He boosted my confidence; he was very persistent of correcting my weaknesses and very patience. And I passed the test at the first attempt with a very high mark at FiveDock RTA. I am now confidence behind the wheel and most importantly that I am a safe driver. And I’ll definitely recommend Learn P drive to my other friends!!

PutriLiberty Grove

I have passed my driving test in my first go at BeverlyHills RTA and this is because of the hard work put in by the Learn P Drive Driving instructor. The driving instructor was very careful of how i learnt and what I learnt, he was very persistent that my mistakes were corrected before the driving test and above all he assured that I became a safe and responsible driver.


I am very much thankful to Learn P Drive. I really had a great experience in learning how to drive and Learn P Drive has taught me all of the traffic rules and techniques in driving. I am proud to say that I am now a confident and competent driver. Thank you very much for your friendly approach throughout the lessons. I will recommend LearnPDrive driving school as the best place to learnpdriving. Thanks


After just a few lessons with Learn P Driving School  I found myself much more confident behind the wheel. My instructor was friendly and encouraging, and helped me improve my driving skills and i ended up passing my driving test first go at BeverlyHills RTA. I would definitely recommend them!


As a first time driver, Learn P Drive helped me a lot with developing confidence while driving. The instructions are very clear and precise. Learn P Drive’s focus is not only ensuring that people pass the driving test but become a safe and defensive driver. Learn P Drive is strongly recommended!!

AnandWest Ryde

I’ve been through a lot of  driving schools previously but with Learn P Drive i felt that i learnt in a way unlike never before. Learn P Drive is definitely recommended.


The driving instructor is an excellent and professional driving instructor. He is real and genuine and it is worth taking driving lessons from Learn P Drive to gain extensive knowledge. Previously, i have driven in UAE and India and it took only 6 lessons for me to pass my driving test in my  first attempt.

Naveen MahadevaHomebush West

After taking only two lessons from Learn P Drive, I passed my test  in my first attempt. My driving instructor’s excellent and well planned driving lessons assisted me in becoming an excellent driver. He helped me to become a safe and defensive driver. I feel 100% more confident about my driving ability than before.

Gagandeep Singh MangatCampsie

Thanks Learn P Drive, the practice driving test lessons and the specific techniques and tips for driving helped me in my test. I am now satisfied with my driving, Thanks to you!! Only took 3 lessons with my driving instructor and now I’ve passed my driving test with flying colours.

Jagdeep SinghRiverwood

I am very much grateful to you. You’re a patience and high qualified teacher who helped to increase my confidence to become a good driver. I feel safe and secure when driving by my self. Your really good at teaching. Thanks mate!

Sumit BhutaniWest Ryde

I went to Learn P Driving school to learn how to drive in a safe manner. The instructor  is a real good teacher. His methods of teaching and advice helped me in becomming a good Aussie driver


Im really happy with Learn P Drive’s teaching techniques and would like to thank them for increasing my confidence in my driving ability and assisting me in becoming a safe and cofident driver. Thanks, because of Learn P Drive i now have faith and trust in myself.


As an overseas student from India who has never driven, i was afraid of attempting to drive. But Learn P Drive Driving School not only helped my level of confidence, but the instructor taught me so many things to become a good driver in Australia in a short period of time. Your student package was suited for my needs. Thankyou for everything.


I was looking for a good driving instructor to take some driving  lessons.Learn P Driving School was recommended by one of my friend. After taking one lesson from him I was really satisfied and took one of the driving packages. I passed my RTA  Driving test in my first attempt and have recommended him to my other friends. Thanks mate you are a good driving instructor with reasonable prices.

Chandan SenWiley park

The driving lesson given by Learn P Drive were a very good and technical experience just not only for the purpose of getting a license but also to be able to drive safely for the rest of my life.

Tapan KotechaGreystanes